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地理研究  2014, Vol. 33 Issue (9): 1716-1727    DOI: 10.11821/dlyj201409012
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贺艳华, 唐承丽, 周国华, 曾山山, 李莉, 钟婷
湖南师范大学 资源与环境科学学院,长沙 410081
The new model of the spatial structure of rural settlements—RROD
HE Yanhua, TANG Chengli, ZHOU Guohua, ZENG Shanshan, LI li, ZHONG ting
Department of Resources and Environment Science, Hunan Normal University, Changsha 410008, China
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摘要 本文受启于TOD理论与实践在城市地域空间结构优化过程中所发挥的重要作用,借鉴以往乡村聚居单元规模与空间结构研究成果,试图提炼出一种乡村聚居空间结构优化模式——乡村公路导向发展模式(Rural Road-Oriented Development Model,简称RROD模式),并针对概念内涵、构建原则、框架、类型、空间尺度等进行系统分析。同时,重点从设施门槛、耕作半径、邻里交往以及出行距离感知等方面对RROD合理规模与结构进行了综合论证,认为RROD规模半径一般取值范围为450-700m,人口规模一般取值范围为1500-3500人,占地面积一般取值范围为30-75hm2,距离一般取值范围为3.5-5.0km。但由于该取值范围是基于均质地域及一般发展条件假设,其结论具有一般理论指导性,但在具体实践过程中,必须根据实际情况进行适当调整与修正。
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关键词 乡村聚居乡村公路导向发展模式(RROD模式)空间尺度空间结构TOD理论    
Abstract:Inspired by the TOD important role in the theory and practice of urban spatial structure optimization process, learning from rural settlements unit size and spatial structure research, this article try to build a new spatial structure of rural settlement patterns—Rural Road-Oriented Development, and systematically analyze on the concept of meaning, construction principles, frameworks, type, spatial scales, etc. Simultaneously, this article demonstrate the reasonable size and structure RROD unit focus from the facility threshold, farming radius, neighborhood association and the travel distance perception. This article considers the general radius of the unit range from 450m to 700m, population size range from 1500m to 3500m people, covering general range from 30 hm2 to 75 hm2, distance general range from 3.5km to 5.0km. However, due to the geographical ranges based on homogeneous and general development conditions assumptions, this conclusion has a general theoretical guidance. So, in practice, the ranges should be properly adjusted and modified according to the actual situation.
Key wordsrural settlement    RROD    spatial scales    spatial structure    TOD theory
收稿日期: 2014-01-03      出版日期: 2014-11-10
通讯作者: 通讯作者:唐承丽(1964-),女,副教授,主要从事区域经济与城乡规划方面研究。     E-mail:
作者简介: 作者简介:贺艳华(1982-),女,讲师,主要从事城乡发展与土地利用方面研究。E-mail:
贺艳华, 唐承丽, 周国华, 曾山山, 李莉, 钟婷. 论乡村聚居空间结构优化模式——RROD模式[J]. 地理研究, 2014, 33(9): 1716-1727.
HE Yanhua, TANG Chengli, ZHOU Guohua, ZENG Shanshan, LI li, ZHONG ting. The new model of the spatial structure of rural settlements—RROD. GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH, 2014, 33(9): 1716-1727.
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