GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH ›› 2019, Vol. 38 ›› Issue (5): 1175-1188.doi: 10.11821/dlyj020170968

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Jiaoyufication community: Its formation mechanisms and socio-spatial consequences

Shuju HU(), Chenggu LI(), Jing ZHANG, Zuopeng MA, Wei LIU   

  1. School of Geographical Sciences, Northeast Normal University, Changchun 130024, China
  • Received:2017-10-16 Revised:2019-01-10 Online:2019-05-13 Published:2019-05-13


Jiaoyufication has become an important factor affecting urban residential differentiation in China. In this study, a Jiaoyufication community was taken as an example to explore how the construction of a school led to gentrification in Changchun’s suburbs and we also revealed its characteristics, formation mechanisms and demographic and socio-spatial consequences. Results showed that: (1) the combination of a private school and real estate speculations pawned a new variety of gentrification, which had different characteristics and formation mechanisms compared to classic school gentrification, which emerged in catchment areas of public schools. The Jiaoyufication community was a residential differentiation as well as the reconstruction of urban demographic and socio-economic space caused by educational inequality. (2) The community was built on a “real estate and elite school” model, and its participants included local government, real estate developers, schools and middle-class parents. Local governments played a pioneering role in the school gentrification process. The developer was the driving force behind promoting the physical upgrade of the community by investing heavily in constructing an upscale gated community and school. The school was the key to the successful development of the community, which attracted the incoming of the gentry. The school attracted the influx of the gentry to suburbs, promoted the suburb’s physical and socio-economic upgrade, thus, reconstructing the urban demographic and socio-economic space. (3) Contrary to the mainstream view that school gentrification would bring education unfair, the emergence of school gentrifying community led the capital, the middle class family and quality educational resources to suburbs, which was conducive to educational equality to some extent. However, Jiaoyufication community inevitably produced displacement and marginalization to the urban poor, as well as serious residential segregation and social stratification.

Key words: gentrification, Jiaoyufication, residential segregation, socio-economic reconstruction, socio-spatial consequences