GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH ›› 2015, Vol. 34 ›› Issue (2): 225-233.doi: 10.11821/dlyj201502003

Special Issue: 人地系统

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The Model of Human-earth Areal System Based on Yin-yang of YI Ching

Xiao-fang ZHOU()   

  1. School of Tourism Management, South-China Normal University, Guangzhou 510631, China
  • Received:2014-07-08 Revised:2014-09-10 Online:2015-02-10 Published:2015-02-10


Yi Ching describes all nature and human endeavor in terms of the interaction of “Yin(阴) and Yang(阳)”. This research reveals that it is achievable to apply Yin -yang model to interpret the relationship between human and nature. Firstly, Yin -yang of Yi Ching (易经) is dichotomy idea the relationship between the center "human" and "earth" of each other or not of each other, so the theory of Sustainable Development essentially is a stratigic goals which integrated with humanic values of human-centered, rather than the present stage or the highest form of Human-earth relationship. Accordingly, two centers of "human" and "earth" in Human-earth Areal System assumption means it correspond to the “yes or no” each other and the process of “一”(1) evolution to “二” (2)(一生二, from one system to two center systems). However, the relationship of “human” and “earth” not only dichotomy, but also shift and taking turns, which is another level of Yin -yang namely “二”(2) evolution to “三”(3) (二生三,from two center systems to third or three new systems), that is the evolution of Human-earth Areal System. Therefore the research built the model to describe that, and make it more clear through the projection of “Liuhe” (六合, six two dimensional plane: up, down, front, back, left, right), then got the evolution track of Human-earth Areal System, Yin-yang in one line of human-earth, the evolution track of distance between human and earth, and complex system nonlinear dynamics and chaos in the Human-earth Areal System. From that this research have shown it is effective method that use Yin and Yang of Yi Ching to explain the Human-earth relationship and build the Human-earth Areal System model, in order to explore the space rule in area of Human-earth relationship and the trail of Human-earth Areal System. Even more, maybe the Bagua(八卦图) is the best model. And, as China's geography research core, the Human-earth relationship idea should be continued, and be paid more attention Chinese traditional philosophy, methods and culture.

Key words: Human-earth Areal System, Human-earth Relationship, Yin(阴) and Yang(阳), Yi Ching(易经), Model