GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH ›› 1989, Vol. 8 ›› Issue (3): 21-29.doi: 10.11821/yj1989030003

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Mao Zhengdan   

  1. Department of Geography, Hunan Normal University
  • Received:1987-09-20 Revised:1988-05-09 Online:1989-09-15 Published:1989-09-15

Abstract: The formal connections and physical differences between climate zone of the height of mountainous region (CZHMR) and latitude climate are discussed, and on the basis of this acknowledge, the radical principles of dividing CZHMR is presented:(1) The principle of correspondent standard. This means, the standard of dividing CZHMR should be in correspondence with latitude climate zone, so that the two climate zone may be united in one climatic system.(2) The principle of basic zone.This means when we divide the CZHMR, We should determine the latitude climate zone where mountains and plainsare situated,(3) The principle of zonal and azonal,This means we should consider the azonal factors of mountainous region as well as zonal factors,(4) The principle of Iandscape. This means the position of the CZHMR should be in correspondence with the landscape of mountainous region,At the last part of this paper, the division climatic type of mountainous region is discussed, e.g. (a) mountain climate. (b) valley clmmate. (c) slope climate. (d) plateau climate.

Key words: Climate of mountainous region, Climate classification, Climatic zones, Climatic type.