GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH ›› 1995, Vol. 14 ›› Issue (4): 1-7.doi: 10.11821/yj1995040001

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Guo Tingfu   

  1. Soil and Water Conservation Department, Ministry of Water Resources, the People0s Republic Republic of China, Bejjing 100761
  • Received:1995-05-17 Revised:1995-09-04 Online:1995-12-15 Published:1995-12-15

Abstract: Tjhis paper comprehensively discusses the present situations, problems and countermea-sures of soil and water conservation in Chna.Soil and water conservation, as ahnd of science, has experienced four stages which are exploration period(1920-1940), model demonstration and development period(1950-1970), period of close combination of small river basin control and economic benefits(1980s), and period of legislation for amelioration and development.Nowadays, China has a soil erosion area of 3.67 million km2, occupying 38.2% of the territory.The condition is getting worse. In order to control soil erosion and develop regional economy, since 1949, China has controlled more than 500 000km2 eroded land, constructed 0.15 billion mu farmlands and more than 0.5 billion mu soil and water conservation forests, planted and reserved more than 50 million mu grasses, planted more than 50 million mu economic fruit trees. The accumulative increased amount of product value is 63 billion RMB Yuan. The annual increased amourit of foods is l5 billion kg, the annual increased amount of fruits is 25 billion kg.The water retaining capacity was increased by 18 billion m3.The annual amount of eroded soils was decreased by 1.1 billiont.Moreover, a great progress was made in legislation, scientific research and latent training. The writer thinks that soil and water conservation is a longterm task.We should improve the works in soil and water conservation in the future.

Key words: Soil and water conservation, Evolution stage


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