GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH ›› 1996, Vol. 15 ›› Issue (2): 84-91.doi: 10.11821/yj1996020011

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Shao Quanqin1, Wang Ying2, Zhao Zhenjia3   

  1. 1. Department of Geography, Capital Normal Uniuersity Beijing 100037;
    2. The department of Geo & Ocean Sciences, Nanjing Uniuersity Nanjing 210093;
    3. Institute of Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing 100101
  • Received:1995-10-13 Revised:1996-02-28 Online:1996-06-15 Published:1996-06-15

Abstract: There are many bay-drowned-valley tidal inlets and Sandbar-lagoon tidal inlets in Hainan island.This paper selected two tipical deputies──Yanpu Bay-drowned-valley tidal inlet and Sanya sandbar-lagoon tidal inlet, analysed and compared their geomorphological structure and surface sedimentation.and got some conclutions:(1) The difference and the similarities of developmental models about bay-drowned-valley tidal inlet and sandbar-lagoon tidal inlet:(a) The bay-drowned-valley tidal inlet system has three geomorphological units──tidal inlet and its flood tidal delta, ebb tidal delta.and so does sand bar-lagoon tidal inlet system; (b) The developmental scale of bay-drownedvalley tidal inlet is greater than that of Sanya sandbar-lagoon tidal inlet; (c) The developmental coefficients of flood tidal delta and ebb tidal delta of Yanpu tidal inlet are 0.12 and 0.44 respectively,those of Sanya tidal inlet are 1 and 2.8 respectively.(2) The difference and similarities of sedimentary models about bay-drowned-valley tidal inlet and sandbar-lagoon tidal inlet:(a) In Yanpu baydrowned-valley tidal inlet, the grain size of sediments in tidal inlet is smaller than that on ebb tidal delta and flood tidal delta.In Sanya sandbar-lagoon.the grain size of sediments is greater than that on ebb tidal delta and flood tidal delta; (b) The grain size of sediments on all geomorphological units of bay-drowned-valley tidal inlet system is smaller than that of sandbar-lagoon tidal inlet system;(c) The heavy mineral contents and ZTR of sediments in Yanpu bay-drowned-valley tidal inlet are higher than those in Sanya sand bar-lagoon tidal inlet:(d) The heavy mineral combinations of sediments on bay-drowned-valley inlet and its ebb delta and flood tidal delta are different.The heavy mineral combinations of sediments on sandbar-lagoon tidal inlet and its ebb delta and nab tidal delta are the same; (e) The foraminifer genus-Ammonia and Elphdium are common in both of the two type tidal inlets; (f) The sediments of Sanya Yuzan stream outlet have many Nummulites and Cellanthas, but that in the Yanpu area has no such materials.(3) The stability of bay-drowned-valley tidal inlet in better than that of sand-bar-lagoon tidal inlet.

Key words: Tidal inlet, Sedimentation model, Sedimentation characteristic


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