GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH ›› 1997, Vol. 16 ›› Issue (2): 105-112.doi: 10.11821/yj1997020014

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Lu Lin   

  1. Institute of Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100101
  • Received:1995-04-11 Revised:1996-11-06 Published:2013-01-18

Abstract: The creation and development of tourism require the study on tourism itself. Different scholars study tourism based on their disciplines. Geographers are very important in such studies, they not only establish geography of tourism, but also promote the development of the study on tourism. Their achievements in scientific research are reflected in many ways, the successive magazines are one of the important ways. The paper, on the basis of the present magzines on tourism and geography, tries to analyse the documents of geography of tourism. The overseas documents come from the three international authoritative tourism magazines 《Annals of tourism research》 (1988-1993), 《Joural of travel research》 (1990-1993) 《Tourism management》 (1990-1993), the domestic ones come from 《Acta geographica sinica》 and eleven other geographical jourals (1980-1993). The overseas documents consist of 426 papers, and the domestic documents consist of 220 papers. By analysing these papers, the author discovers:(1) Comparing to the studies on geography of tourism abroad, the domestic studies concentrate on the tourist resources. Some of the studies attended by the scholars aboad are seldom regarded by the domestic scholas, such as the tourist impacts on the regions, the tourist's behavior, the planning and development of tourist regions and so on. (2) The methodes of domestic studies on geography of tourism are mostly descriptive. The lack of enhaustive surveys and advanced methods restricts the study. (3) The present studies on geography of tourism do not match with the abundant tourist resources and fall behind the rapid development of tourism in China. The difference between the overseas studies and domestic ones is obvious. Domestic scholars in tourism and geography of tourism have many works to do in the future.

Key words: geography of tourism, successive magazine, documents analysis