GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH ›› 2003, Vol. 22 ›› Issue (1): 96-104.doi: 10.11821/yj2003010012

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Invasion impacts of transportation corridor on urban social space: a case study of Dewai Street in Beijing

ZHOU Shang-yi, WANG Hai-ning, FAN Li-yao   

  1. Department of Resources and Environment Sciences,Beijing Normal University, Beijing 100875, China
  • Received:2002-08-26 Revised:2002-10-22 Online:2003-02-15 Published:2003-02-15


Urban social space is an essential topic of urban planning and urban geography. Urban physical space is one of the important impact factors of urban social space,and transportation corridor is a most active element of urban physical space,which affects the urban social space by invasion,separation, succession and so on. Dewai Street is one of the main transportation corridors in Beijing City. It was 4 times widened after its reconstruction in the spring of 2002. Taking it as an example, this paper analyses the social effect upon its passing area. As far as the academic significance of this case study, the paper interprets the mechanism of American geographer R. A. Murdie's model of urban social space, which shows how transportation corridor affects social space by cutting the communication of its passing community. Upon entering the 21st century, some geographers in US and UK have been calling for linking material research and immaterial research of urban space, such as L. Lees and P. Gober. The case study of Dewai Street and its passing community is a response to the call. As far as the practical meaning is concerned, the paper puts forward that the integrity of urban living units should be kept up. At the same time, the paper points out the distinction of different kinds of social space cells while adapting to the change of physical space. And AGIL scheme of T. Parsons serves as an explanation tool to interpret why Dewai Community could adjust itself to the space change so quickly.

Key words: transportation corridor, urban social space, invasion

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