GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH ›› 1982, Vol. 1 ›› Issue (4): 45-52.doi: 10.11821/yj1982040006

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Chen Siujung   

  1. Institute of Geography, Academia Sinica
  • Online:1982-12-15 Published:1982-12-15

Abstract: 1. Regional Geography had an important position for a long period in the history of geography. But since the 1950s regional geography has seldom been studied. The writer considers that its causes are as follows; first, science has splitted up increasingly, systematic geography has developed fast, yet synthetic research work is relatively weak; secondly, there are weakness and difficulties in studying regional geography,2. Geography has two most prominent characteristics, regionalism and synthesis. The high synthesis of the interaction between man and land on the basis of regions is unique to geography,In this sense, the main characteristic of geography is shown mostly in regional geography.Regional geography synthetically deals with the interrelated geographical elements which give certain commonness and uniqueness to the region. There are a lot of synthetic problems concerning regional geography in practice.Regional geography should play the role it should do. In order to develop geography completely, it is necessary to rejuvenate regional geography.3.The old regional geography can't meet the needs of today's situation, we should reform regional geography on the basis of modern science.(1) Persistng in the Regional and Synthetic View.The important facts and characteristics of geography within a region should be comprehensively explored with an synthetic eye.Every element and part of a region should be understood thoroughly.On this basis the synthesis on a higher level can be made.(2) Taking Man and Land Relationship as the Research CoreThe theory of man and land relationship of today has been further devel-oped than before. How to coordinate the relationship between man and nature has become the important aim of geography. Geography studies the areal systems of man and land relationship.According to certain indexes,the areal systems on the earth surface can be divided into regions with different sizes, and the man and land relationship within these regions is the research core of regional geography.( 3 ) Taking Topical Study as the Main FormOn the basis of a comprehensive study of a region,some prominent aspects within a region which belong to man and land relationship and reflect the characteristic of the region would be selected and studied thoroughly. The geographical background and the associated elements that caused some problems would be focused and stated. How to impel and turn these problems to benefit human society -would be discussed.(4) Applying Quantitative Method, Constructing Various Models and Making System AnalysisWe should make full use of the modern techniques and means and scientific methods in regional geography, thus promoting the modernization of the research work of regional geography.