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The influence of the policy adjustment on the increase of grain production and farmers' income in restricted development zones

WANG Liangjian(), LIU Zhen(), ZHANG Wei, LI Han, LIU Yan   

  1. College of Economics Trade, Human University, Changsha 410079, China
  • Received:2019-12-23 Revised:2020-05-15 Online:2020-10-20 Published:2020-12-20
  • Contact: LIU Zhen;


Rural revitalization depends on a specific development environment, and policy adjustment has an important external impact on the development of rural areas. With the approval of the State Council, Hunan province has formally implemented the Planning of Dongting Lake Ecological Economic Zone since the year of 2014, in order to achieve such objectives as ensuring water and ecological security in the Yangtze River Basin, consolidating and enhancing the status of the Dongting Lake as one of the main grain producing areas in China. Making an evaluation on the impact effect of the Planning of Dongting Lake Ecological Economic Zone has great reference value for balancing rural revitalization and the construction of ecological civilization in restricted development zones.
In this paper, the approval and implementation of the Planning of Dongting Lake Ecological Economic Zone in 2014 is taken as a quasi-natural experiment, while the panel data of 87 counties of Hunan province from 2007 to 2017 and difference-in-differences model are used to test the effect of the Rural Revitalization from two perspectives of the income increase of farmers and grain yield increase. The results show that: (1) the implementation of the Planning of Dongting Lake Ecological Economic Zone can increase both yield and income through generating the structural effect, allocation effect and technical effect. The grain output has increased by 3.82% and the income of farmers has increased by 10.2% after the implementation of the Planning. Moreover, the implementation of the Planning does not have a time-delay effect, which will actually be beneficial to such goals in rural revitalization as industrial prosperity and a better-off life. (2) There is an remarkable increase in production and income of county farmers;nevertheless, as a matter of fact, the effect in county-level cities is not good enough. (3) In comparison with other types of grain crops, the yield of rice has an even more marked increase. (4) The next step is to further optimize and improve the relevant policies on the construction of high standard basic farmland, the increase of agricultural subsidies and ecological compensation, and the cultivation of rural characteristic industries, so as to promote the realization of rural revitalization in restricted development zones.

Key words: policy adjustment, influence effect, rural revitalization, Dongting Lake, difference in differences method