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    Zhang Yili
    GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH    1998, 17 (4): 429-434.   DOI: 10.11821/yj1998040014
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    It is the most important in Floristic Geography to determine floristic region,geographical features of transitional floristic region and evolution of flora by correcting and using the coefficient of similarity.The author has commented the formulas and definitions of different coefficient in floristic research,gives the definition of the coefficient of similarity of Flora,introduces exit problems and solved the way in application of coefficient of similarity to floristic geography in the Paper.It is suggested that adopting a same and scientific mathematical formula S C=2c/(A+B)×100% in the comparison study of floristic Geography in the future.
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    Zhang Wei, Gu Chaolin, Qiu Youliang, Chen Tian
    GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH    1998, 17 (3): 233-241.   DOI: 10.11821/yj1998030003
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    Evaluation index systems for both current development situation and development condition of high/new technology development zones in China are established in this paper. Using factor analysis method, the developments and locations of 52 high/new technology development nones in China were evaluated based on these evlauation index systems, and main factor scores were obtained. According to the factor scores, the development situations and development conditions of new/high technology development zones can be divided into 3 levels. The study shows that 7 high/new technology development zones, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Tianjin, Wuhan, Xian and Shijiazhuang, have better locations and are well developed; on the other hand, 15 high/new technology zones, such as Baotou, Zhuhai, Baoding, Anshan, Wuxi, Nanchang, Zhuzhou, Foshan, Guilin, Nanning, Xiamen, Hainan, Mianyang, Baoji and Wulumuqi, should be degraded to the province level.
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    An approach to classification and assessment of desertification
    SUN Wu, LI Bao-sheng
    GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH    1999, 18 (3): 225-230.   DOI: 10.11821/yj1999030001
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    Since the United Nations Conference on Desertification held in 1977 in Nairobi, much progress has been made abroad on classification and assessment of desertification. Three major steps accompanied with three new definitions of desertification are discussed respectively,which are UNCOD in 1977,“provisional methodology for the assessment and mapping of desertification” in 1984 and the first edition of the World Atlas of Desertification in 1992. Fully representation on type, severity, degree, hazard, indicator of desertification is in the newly released world atlas. Three of them are important, including the global assessment of human-induced soil degradation(GLASOD), the assessment of the status of human-induced soil degradation in South and South-East Asia(ASSOD), and the theory put forward by Moscow State University and Russia Academy of Science. Great differences on the classification and assessment focus chiefly on the evaluation concerning method and indicators. In the GLASOD, severity=degradation degree·extent per polygon, in the ASSOD, severity=productivity change·management level·extent per polygon and RUSSIA=diversity degree·number of main degradation factor. To improve the level of classification and assessment in science and authority, efforts should be taken in establishment of theoretical base of degradation which including determination of temporal and spatial scale.
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    Shen Changsi, Chen Jinmin, Zhang Zhihua, Wu Xiangding, Zhang Peiyun, Wang Guiyan
    GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH    1998, 17 (2): 150-156.   DOI: 10.11821/yj1998020007
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    Tree ring chronologies are a major source of paleoclimatic information in China, especially in Northwest China. For some reasons, there are seldom studies about the tree ring in eastern China.In this paper the major tree ring chronology (1750~1992) in Yishan, Shandong Province, was analyzed by running program ARSTAN. The response surfaces of tree ring and climate indicate that growth of tree ring in Yishan mountain is nonlinear correlated with precipitation and temperature.It is unreasonable to reconstruct climatic variables separately using traditional methods. The reconstructed moisture index ( P/T) during May to August, in which both temperature and precipitation influence the tree ring growth, was estimated from response function and regression model. The relationship between tree ring and moisture index (May to August) is obvious. The predictive equation ( Y=14.81 X+5.65) was obtained from a linear regression model, where Y is predicted value of moisture index, X is tree ring width index. As a result, the local moisture index in 1750 AD at Yishan, Shandong Province, was reconstructed based on tree ring chronologies.For verification of the reliability of the reconstructed moisture index in Yishan area, the dry years were selected from document data, which were used to compare with the years with the small reconstructed moisture index.From 1750 to 1960, there are 32 dry years in document data, which were coincided with the 24 small moisture index years (1758,1768,1774,1778,1786,1805,1814,1825,1837,1838,1856,1860,1876,1877,1878,1899,1907,1917,1920,1925,1927,1948,1952,1959). There are 75 percent correct predictions, which indicates that the reconstructed results were reliable.
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    Yang Qinye, Li Shuangcheng
    GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH    1998, 17 (3): 229-232.   DOI: 10.11821/yj1998030002
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    The knowledge-based economy will gradually dominate world economy in the coming knowledge economy age. The advantages and characteristics of geographical comprehensive study will contributed to opening up new research fields due to the common ground with the characteristics of knowledge economy such as sustainability of economic development, innovation of knowledge and globalization of world economy. To adapt itself to the new conditions, however, it is necessary for geographical comprehensive study to innovate the research contents, including paying more attention to mutual substitution among the resources and elements of production owing to scientific and technological development, fully considering the signficance of virtual geographical space to geographical comprehensive study, changing the traditional notion of elements-balanced in geographical comprehensive study, and giving up dualistic system fram (i.e. regards natural factors and socioeconomic factors as different systems).
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    Li Zhizhong
    GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH    1994, 13 (3): 35-43.   DOI: 10.11821/yj1994030004
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    The Altun Mountain on the northwest of the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau is a fault-block mountain, and the gemorphic pattern of the tectonic landforms in this region looks much like a flat alphabet"S".We found that the Altun fault zone which reactived during the period of Neotectonic movemnt was playing an important role in the development of tectonic landforms in this region, That is, the AItun Mountain was formed by the strong uplifting fault-blicks,which took place under the control of the fault zone in the Quaternary, Similarly,the geomorphic pattern of this region was also formed under the stress field at that time. As a result,the arc fauly-block mountains and fault basins are distributed antisymmetrically to the Altun strik-slip fault zone.Based on the synthetical analysis of the Quaternary strata, tectosequent and absolute age data, the evolution process of tectonic landrorms in this region can be divided into three stages. The first stage is from the end of the Pliocene to the early pleistocene(2.80-1.60Ma.B.P.),the second is from the end of the early pleistocene to the mid-pleistocene(1.60-0.25Ma.B.P.), and the third is from the end of the mid-pleistocene to the Holocene(0.25Ma.B.P. to the present).Considering the time sequence,the evolution process of tectonic landforms in this region was in conformity woth that of the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau. It was since the late Pleistocene,i.e., since 0.25Ma,B.P., when the Tarim Basin was really separated from the Caidam Basin by the Altun Mountain, As the uplifting activities and the development of the Altun fault-blocks showed strong in the west and weak in the East these processes produced the present undulating shope of the Altun Mountain.
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    Study on China’s Real Estae Industry Development and Regulatory System
    GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH    1996, 15 (1): 105-105.   DOI: 10.11821/yj1996010015
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    Ju Jiwu
    GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH    1994, 13 (1): 100-103.   DOI: 10.11821/yj1994010014
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    Wei Yuan(1794-1857),was an famous ideologist and geographer in Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).He was known for for his adrocation of "Studing confucian classics for the purpose ofapplication".Wei Yuan was also a great patriot,who was a commander in some compaignsginsagainst British invadors during the opium war(1840-1842).As an ideologist,he was fully conscious that China's weakness lay in the backwandnessin science and technology,so he put forth a principle "learning the mordern science and tech-nology form the enemy in order to subdue it,and under guidabce of this ideology",he wortea book entitled "Records and maps of the world" This is one of the earliest geography booksever written by Chinese scholars,which covers the would history,world geography,scienceand technology.Wei Yuan's works and ideology had a considerable influnce on nineteen centurythoughts.The westernization movement,which took place 20 years later,was partly theresult of it.
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