About Journal

  • Geographic Research(ISSN 1000-0585, CN 11-1848/P), ranking second in the Geography discipline in China (CITIC IF: 4.438, 2022), is one of the China’s leading journals and the flagship journals of the Geographical Society of China (GSC), and Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research (IGSNRR), Chinese Academy of Sciences. GSC is the principal body representing geographers and advancing scientific research and educational activities in geography in China, consists of about 15,000 individual members. IGSNRR and its predecessors have led the way in geographical research in China. It is published by China Science Publishing & Media Ltd.

    Geographic Research aims to present, serve and lead Chinese geographical society, by organizing debates theoretically vital for the discipline and empirically important for the nature and society, applying the theoretical findings to the practice, and maintaining conversation with the world. Original academic paper published in this journal are adhered to a high standard of scholarship, theoretically informed, methodologically rigorous, empirically rich and of novel findings that show the strength and diversity of all parts of geography and allied fields. Meanwhile, reports, commentaries, and public issues series that encourage new lines of research and guide the development and application of geography are also included. The journal offers viewpoints and insights for specialists and non-specialists. Readers include researchers, teachers, students, administrative officers, policy makers, and technicians of geography and beyond.

    Founded in January 1982, Geographical Research was expanded to a bimonthly journal in 2001 and to a monthly journal in 2010. By the end of 2021, some 5000 pieces of work, including regular papers, special issues, opinions, commentaries, perspectives, forums, work reports, book reviews, and summaries of outstanding dissertations, have been published. Those work has contributed significantly to the theoretical development of Chinese geographical research, and they also help government solve pressing problems of economy, population, resources, environment and sustainable development in China and the world.

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