Guide for Authors


    Guide for Authors

    Section 1 Publishing Scope

    Section 2 Requirement for Manuscript

    Section 3 Fees

    Section 4 Method of Submission

    Section 1 Publishing Scope

    Geographic Research (ISSN 1000-0585, CN 11-1848/P), founded in 1982, is a comprehensive geographical academic journal sponsored by the Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Chinese Geographical Society. The journal mainly publishes innovative high-quality research articles, reports, reviews and newsletters that guide the application and development in geography and its sub-disciplines and inter-disciplines.

    Section 2 Requirement for Manuscript

    1.       General Requirement: Before writing the manuscript, the author should read the latest research articles extensively from home and abroad, and list the cited literature in references to ensure a high starting point for the research. The theme of the article should meaningful with clear argument. The methodology should be innovative and appropriate, and the references should be sufficient. The data for observation, experiment and statistics should be authentic, accurate and up-to-date. The manuscript should have reasonable argumentation and strong logic. Writing should be concise, fluent and standardized.

    2.       Wordcount and Format: Wordcount of the full text (including figures, tables, references, Chinese and English abstracts, etc.) generally should not exceed 15000 words. The limit can be relaxed for excellent manuscripts. Manuscripts should be in doc format. Please refer to the latest published articles of the journal for format and layout.

    3.       Title: Title should be informative and focus on the theme, generally within 20 Chinese characters. Verbosity should be avoided such as "research on…" and "significance of…".  Para-title, if any, should be put under the main title with a hyphen. There should be a corresponding English title for each article.

    4.       Authors and Institutes: Authors should be person who made substantial contribution to the work of the paper and should be responsible for the arguments and data. Please refer to “Ethics” for detailed requirement of authorship. Institute should be the place where the study is completed. The full name of the institute shall be written, and the city and postal code shall be provided. If authors belong to different institutes, upper corner numbers should be added to authors names to indicate their institutes. E -mail of the contact person should be provided.

    5.       Abstracts: Abstracts should be self-evident and independent, well reflecting the main points of the paper, clarifying the objective, methods, results and conclusion of the study. No citation shall be made in abstract. The Chinese abstract should be about 500 characters, including the data collected and used, methods of analysis and research, and the main conclusions obtained. English abstract should be equivalent to the Chinese abstract in content.

    6.       Keywords: Keywords should be suitable for retrieval of research content, closely related to the theme of the article. Normative subject words (generally 3-7 words in Chinese and English) shall be used, including research area, research time, methods, discipline, etc.

    7.       Funding Projects: For research articles that belong to national, provincial or ministerial funded projects or key research projects, it should be indicated by the project title and number at the footnote on the first page. The format is as follows: "National Natural Science Foundation Project (******); National High Technology Research and Development Plan Project (*****); National Key Basic Research and Development Plan Project (*****)".

    8.       Headings: Headings of level 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the paper shall be numbered according to 1, 1.1, 1.1.1, (1), and headings of all levels shall be written from the top left. Headings within paragraph are preceded by circled numbers.

    9.       Unit of Measurement: National legal unit of measurement shall be adopted and expressed in standard symbols, such as "m", "km2", "hm2 (hectare)", "t", etc. All kinds of professional terms shall be in accordance with relevant national standards. The same terminology, unit of measurement, person name, place name, etc., should be consistent throughout the full text.

    10.    Formula: Formula should be centered in a new line and numbered in double brackets (put on the right). For long formulas, line break shall comply with relevant standards. Symbols used shall be clear and the variables in formula shall be in italics, while invariable constants such as e and π are always in regular script.

    11.    Figures: Figures should be clear with appropriate size, generally no more than 8 ones. For maps showing national boundaries, they should be in accordance with the latest standard published by Map Publishing House or other relevant standards, or approved by a government sector. Maps involving the whole territory of China must include the South China Sea Islands and the Diaoyu Island. Headings of figures should be in both Chinese and English, put beneath the figures and centered. The histogram and curve picture shall be provided with Excel files, and maps shall be BMP, TIF, JPG files or in other appropriate formats. The text and lines in figures shall be clear, and the resolution shall be set to 600 DPI when the figure is converted. The font size of text in figures is generally No. 7.5~10.5. Figures shall be numbered in the order of appearance in the text and placed at the corresponding positions. Figures split into different parts shall be marked in lower case (a) and (b).

    12.    Table Format: Three-line-style should be adopted (auxiliary lines can be added if necessary). In Microsoft Word, please select "table" - "insert table" - "auto format" - "Classic 2" (select only "border, color and auto-adjustment" in "format to be applied"). The headings of table should be in both Chinese and English, put above the table and centered, size No. 9. The character size in tables is in No. 7.5. The physical and unit symbols in tables shall be separated by "()".

    13.    AcknowledgmentThe journal suggests that the authors acknowledge the contribution of reviewers at the end of the article. For details, please refer to the Suggestions on Acknowledgement for (Anonymous) Reviewers in “Announcement” of this website.

    14.    Ethical Statement: The journal encourages authors to make ethical statements at the end of the article on authors contribution and conflicts of interest. Please refer to the requirement in "Ethics" of this website.

    15.    References: Please try to quote domestic and foreign literatures within the past 2-3 years. At least two-thirds of the references should be within the last five years. The number of references is generally 15~20. Chinese titles in the references list should be translated to English. References are numbered according to the order in which they appear in the text (marked with square brackets at the upper right corner of the quotation), and are listed at the end of the article. The annotated or unpublished literature can be indicated at footers and marked with circled numbers. The cited literature and data shall be double checked and the source shall be indicated. Generally, only first three authors of the references are listed, separated by ",", and followed by "等" or "et al.". For English, the surnames come first and given names come last. For example, John Smith, should be written as Smith J. For detailed requirement, please refer to the "Reference Format Requirement" at "Download" section of this website.

    Section 3 Fees

    The journal doesn’t charge any submission fee. Except for invited manuscript, an APC will be payable after the manuscript is accepted (RMB 400 per page). Color process fee shall be charged for color pages (RMB 600 per page). Review fee (RMB 300 per article) shall be charged for accepted manuscripts and NOT charged for rejected manuscripts. The full text of all articles of the journal will be included by CNKI, the renumeration shall be sent to authors within one month after publication.

    Section 4 Method of Submission

    Please read our requirements carefully before submitting. In order to shorten the process of review and editing, please revise your manuscript as required.

    The journal only accepts online submission. Please log in our website ( or Journal of Chinese Geographic & Resource Science ( for online submission.

    Please fill in the name of all authors in order in the system when submitting the manuscript, which will be presented in the final published version. The institute, professional title, degree, research field, telephone and E-mail of each author must be filled in completely. Otherwise, it will be deemed as invalid submission and shall be rejected.

     The journal adopts double blind review system. the manuscript uploaded to the system should not contain any personal information such as name, institute, address, post code, author profile, funding project, etc. If personal information is included in the manuscript, it may automatically be rejected in the preliminary review. Multiple submission and plagiarism are strictly prohibited. If found, the manuscript will be rejected. In case of serious infringement, authors will be banned from future submission and journal may notify other journals within the same field.

    If submission is successful, the system will send out a notice. In addition to the manuscript, the following documents shall be provided:

    1) Certificate of Funding Project

    2) Copyright Transfer Agreement

    3) Authors Contribution Statement

    4) Statement of Competing Interests

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